Why Epoxy Flooring?

If you’re tired of spills and scuffs on your concrete turning into immediate eye sores, epoxy flooring is a great solution. Epoxy is a material mix of resin and hardening agents that solidify to create an incredibly tough yet beautiful floor that is stain deterrent and easy to clean.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the best garage floor epoxy solution. You can choose from multiple flake and metallic epoxy colors, even add logos or shapes beneath the clear coats for commercial epoxy floors!

If you’re looking for a larger, industrial epoxy job, our team of Las Vegas commercial epoxy flooring experts can help! We service businesses in Clark County, large or small.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Process

The process we use to install your new epoxy flooring is relatively simple. First, we start off each job by grinding up your concrete floors so they’re rough enough to give the epoxy enough surface area to connect with.


We use ultra powerful 8,000+ RPM hand grinders with metal alloy discs embedded with diamond to create this rough texture. It creates small pores and cavities that let the epoxy soak down into the concrete and adhere securely.


It’s important to note these machines kick up a lot of matter while grinding, so we use top of the line dust extractors to ensure a clean area for your family.

Once we have the concrete ground down, we set out to fix any existing cracks that may interfere with a perfect final product.


Then, we apply our multiple layers of coating (Primer, base color, flake layer, 1st and 2nd clear coats). Once all layers have been properly applied, we allow it to dry and harden, giving you the awesome epoxy garage floor you’ve been waiting for.

"Miles and his team were extremely professional. They helped us figure out which flake design would be best for our driveway and the epoxy floor looks even better than we expected! Thanks guys.” ~ Jeff L. | Henderson