Las Vegas Commercial Epoxy Flooring For Your Business!

Our Las Vegas commercial epoxy flooring team has decades of experience laying epoxy flooring for businesses across Clark County.

Whether you need an epoxy floor for your restaurant, medical office, school or warehouse, our team will get the job done right!

An Industrial Epoxy Company Serving The Las Vegas Area Since 1987!

We are proud to have been serving the Las Vegas and Henderson areas as the one of the largest epoxy contractors in the state. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, ensuring you’re choosing to work with an industrial epoxy flooring company that has the experience necessary for any job, big or small. Take a look at what types of commercial epoxy work we can perform for you

Restaurant Epoxy Flooring

Restaurant epoxy floors offer a premium look that’s long lasting, durable and easy to maintain.


We offer numerous color and style options for restaurants of all sizes throughout the Henderson, NV and Las Vegas, NV regions. Choosing which type of commercial kitchen flooring can be daunting, but epoxy is often the perfect fit.


After a long, busy night in the restaurant, your staff will appreciate the ease of cleaning that restaurant epoxy provides. It’s easy to maintain, looks beautiful and is safe for a packed back of the house team.


The anti slip components will minimize slipping, it’s USDA compliant and the fast turnaround restaurant epoxy flooring installs provide are perfect for restaurant owners that can’t take too much downtime.

epoxy restaurant flooring henderson

Medical Epoxy Flooring

Your patients are always your top priority, so medical office and healthcare epoxy flooring is an option that will both protect and look fantastic. Our extremely durable, sanitary solutions will keep your medical facility clean, safe and stain resistant for years to come.


Healthcare grade epoxy is durable enough for heavy medical machines and holds up extremely well for high traffic areas in your medical facility. It can withstand even the harshest of cleaning chemicals, keeping it looking brand new for years.


Call us today if you’re interested in our Henderson medical epoxy flooring options to make your office or facility shine!

medical epoxy flooring henderson

Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

Your manufacturing facility needs an incredibly durable flooring option due to heavy machinery, high foot traffic and harsh chemical sanitation practices.

Our industrial epoxy flooring solutions are a perfect fit for manufacturing facilities of all sizes. Our commercial epoxy flooring is hands down better than a concrete option due to concrete’s porous nature. Concrete is more difficult to clean and takes a lot more work to maintain the epoxy.

Extend the life and safety of your manufacturing facility flooring by choosing our epoxy team to revitalize and protect your investment with durable epoxy solutions.


Las Vegas Commercial Epoxy Flooring FAQ's

How Much Foot Traffic Can Commercial Epoxy Support?

Commercial epoxy solutions can be found in some of the businest hotels, hospitals, restaurants and manufacturing facilities. There really is no limit to the amount of foot traffic industrial epoxy can support. Our solutions will last for an extremely long time and are simple to maintain. 


If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our team of epoxy experts to dive in to deeper questions.

How Soon Can I Get A Quote For My Business?

Our team can visit your place of business within a days time to discuss your specific situation and options. Simply give us a call, tell us how many square feet your facility is and we’ll schedule a time to come by and give you all the options to help you make an informed decision.

Do You Offer Colored or Designed Epoxy Flooring?

Yes! We understand that not every business owner wants a plain grey epoxy floor solution for their facility. We have numerous colors and epoxy types you can look through on our visit, and we can do custom designs as well.


Multiple topcoat styles, anti slip coatings, and markers within the epoxy for easy navigation of your facility. Simply reach out today to schedule your Henderson commercial epoxy flooring consultation today!

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We have been providing waterproofing, decking soundproofing an industrial epoxy solutions in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV region since 1987.


We’re proud to be one of the largest contractors and have worked on most of the hotels, apartment buildings and custom homes for decades.